We know you are in there

Fergie, Mickey and Cinderella.  

After all of the cold weather and snow, when it finally hit 40° we thought for sure we were having a heat wave. Karen was in the barn re-loading the bird feeders and declined the help of these guys. 

They knew where she was and they were not happy she closed the doors.

Oh Miss Nellie Bellie


In July Cinderella broke her outside toe on one of her hind legs. There wasn’t much we could do but keep an on the toe and if things didn’t get better, we would have to amputate it.

She has done really well.

On Sunday she played and ran and had a grand time. She was fine and honestly, we forgot she had even broken the toe.

She buck and jumped and absolutely had a blast playing with the tennis ball.

And then, tonight she could barely walk into the house. Something clearly wasn’t right. I don’t think she re-injured the toe on Sunday, but I’m wondering if she did something on her first run out after work.

The squirrels and jays were going crazy in the back yard.

She’ll get the 24 hour rule. If she isn’t moving better tomorrow, it’s back to the vet for her.

The little toe

According to Facebook, the little toe was designed specifically to Geo-locate furniture in low light conditions.

I personally can attest to that fact.


Apparently, so can Cinderella.

It started with a limp. The kind that sends the fear of panic into us. Then, we noticed some swelling in the foot. We had a few run ins with spider bites, so we just assumed that we were dealing with another spider bite.

The toe   

Even with antibiotics, the swelling didn’t go down so we were off to the vet clinic, our home away from home.

A little touchy feelie by the vet and she was off for xrays.

Poor little pumpkin has broken her toe. There really isn’t much you can do with a broken toe and it is typical of a racing injury. We are guessing she probably did it while running around like a wild woman.


Never fear little one. We will get you back to as good as new.

Little Miss Nellie Belly


This little girl has destroyed more cushions than all of the rest of the dogs. And yet, she is probably one of the sweetest dogs around. She’s fun, she’s bouncy and she is all love.

Happy birthday Cinderella


I know what it looks like girlfriend. I really, really did not forget your birthday yesterday.

OK, I admit it, maybe it ever so gently slipped my mind. I got carried away with blooming flowers and things. I’m sorry, please don’t make me feel so guilty.

Please just remember all of the good times we had last year like chasing in the snow and throwing the toys for you to collect. We had some really good times.

And know that even if we are slackers when it comes to birthdays honey girl, every day we love you with all of our hearts and today we want to wish you a great big giant

Happy 8th birthday!

Sweet, sweet Cinderella


Such a sweet little girl, our Cinderella. She’s lying beneath my desk right now tracking an evil and elusive moth. She is so shy when she leaves the comfort of our home, but when she’s home, she hops, she bops and she dances for joy.

Snow day! Snow day!


We don’t get many snow days around here, but when they come, we celebrate. One by one I took the dogs out to the back yard to capture some snow photos. It was fabulous.

Sadly, most of the greyhounds weren’t into celebrating, but Cinderella certainly was.