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Good night little man

In April my daughter Megan said good bye to her little female Sadie. On Monday, her little 16 year old male said he was ready. With a heavy heart, we said good bye to Caleb. […]

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Catching the rays

Megan and Holly hosted a Mother’s Day brunch at Megan’s house. It was wonderful. The food was great, but the company was better. It was bittersweet to see little Caleb without Sadie. They were a […]

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Who’s da boss

I don’t think there was ever any question, but I don’t think it was either Odin or Caleb. I wonder who where’s the pants in the family now?

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Continuing on with Sadie week

Megan found this website, 100 Happy Days and she challenged me. I’m always up for a good challenge. Accepted. This week we are finding all of the things that made Sadie happy. She loved her […]

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Little Sadie

We said goodbye to Sadie on Friday. It was a very sad and emotional day for Megan. I’ll go back through and pull some memory photos for her, but I at least wanted to show […]

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Lady Sadie and Sir Caleb

My daughter has a pair of antique Italian greyhounds. Sadie will be 14 next month and Caleb is nearing 16. When Megan adopted them, they were both over 25 lbs and their weight should be […]

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Best Thanksgiving ever

My youngest daughter Holly hosted Thanksgiving today. That kid rocks the kitchen. I still don’t know where she got it from. The overwhelming love for dogs I get, the cooking, not so much. I adore […]

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A little extra love for Caleb

My little grand dog Caleb is having a couple of bad days. Age is catching up to him rather rapidly. Just want you to know little buddy we’re thinking about you and your family.

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And the other grand dogs

I have to be the luckiest mom around. I know I am the luckiest mom around. I have such great joy looking at the photos from the two sessions I did on Sunday with both […]

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When things go boom

My oldest daughter has two Italian greyhounds, Sadie and Caleb. They are both senior dogs now, Sadie is 12 suffering from arthritis and Caleb is 15, can’t see, can’t hear and nearly toothless. Despite the […]

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