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Step one, feed the birds

Step two, prevent the borzoi from eating the bird seed the starlings don’t want to eat. We love watching the birds. They entertain us for hours. We’ve been recently overthrown by the European starling society. […]

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Snow day

The snow really came today. It was magical. We hunkered down in the barn and watched the dogs and the birds. The dogs watched the birds from outside of the barn. Looks like it will […]

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Yesterday and tomorrow

This was one year ago. Sage, Glory and Zip running. We had such a lovely winter. Just enough rain, moderate temps. What gives with this weather? It was beautiful today, 36° and sunny. We have […]

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Longing for hot summer nights

We have had below freezing temps for over a week now. We still have snow on the ground from last weekend. That never ever happens in Oregon. When I went out at noon to refill […]

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A little winter magic

There is a whole lot of magic going on in this photo. Sage the borzoi is our youngest dog and Sara is our oldest greyhound. And, it’s snowing in Salem. Sara came to us after […]

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And we are home

We had a very uneventful trip across the country and back. We picked up our little packages in Plant City, Florida and jetted back across the country without any problem at all. The babies were […]

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The bro and his sister

I just had to post one more photo of Timber’s brother AJ and their half sister Lily.

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Buzzing around

We went to the dog show in Albany this morning. Is there anything better to do on a rainy Saturday morning? I think not. We went down to watch the borzoi, the single greyhound and […]

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Dog show

We attended what may have been my first ever dog show in Portland today. After spotting the greyhounds, we found this beautiful little girl wandering around. Near the ring where the borzoi and greyhounds were, […]

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Love at first bite

It was love at first bite. When Crystal was our foster, she loved to play and the group president insisted she be placed with another greyhound. Indeed, she went with her buddy Fandango. A few […]

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