Raining big dogs


We faithfully went to the barn for our coffee over the weekend, but we had rain, a little more rain and even more rain. Our poor acre has no idea what to do with all of the rain. For now, it’s all just standing water.

The boys laid down on their cushions and just looked longingly out at the yard. They wanted to play, but it was even too wet for them.

The garden rain boots   

We’ve been upgrading our gear for the garden this summer. Doesn’t everybody own a pair a Converse rubber shoes? Mine are almost a neon orange. The puddles see us coming.

Wading juncos.  

Our poor little juncos feed from the seed that has dropped from the feeders. They had a hard time finding their food on Sunday.

House finches   

The house finches on the other hand, really appreciate the umbrellas.

More rain is coming tomorrow.

Rumor has it


The white stuff is coming again late tomorrow night. Really? We’ve had so many winter days like this that I have completely lost count. 

I’ve been watching the weather and I almost don’t believe them.

Time to haul the hummingbird feeders in and out again.

If it’s on Facebook, it’s probably not true.

Spring is just around the corner

borzoi running
borzoi running
Zippy being zippy   

We spent quite a bit of time outside today. The season’s are getting ready to change and it feels so good. The mornings have started out around 34°, but by afternoon, they are lobbying for the high 40s. The daffodils have officially started poking through the dirt. 

Pussy willow buds   

The pussy willow tree, always an early adopter from winter to spring has already begun to bud.

Our greenhouse.  

And most important, our greenhouse is eagerly awaiting it’s transformation into a starter garden for all of our summer veggies.

Whatcha doing mom?

Sage and Glory.  

Nobody knows what mom does in the barn when the doors are closed. 

The doggies hope it is something for them. The birds hope it is something for them. The squirrels have high hopes too.

The reality is, nobody knows.

Forever etched In my memory


I took this in a dark lot at the intersection of three busy streets. It was late, nearing 11 pm and only Zip accompanied me.

I’ve stayed off of social media a lot more these days. Karen and I had just finished our evening coffee and we were about to walk the boys. Something prompted me to look at Facebook. 

Right away I noticed a friend on the east coast had tagged me. Lost borzoi in Salem posted by Northern California Borzoi Rescue. I had spoken to Nancy a few times over the years and I called to see if I could help.

So appreciative, she enthusiastically said yes and gave me the contact number of the Jeffrey’s foster parents. 

I’ve been on four lost dog searches over the years. All greyhounds. The first was our own dog, Blender. A spook and it was the fourth of July. Karen and I had just become friends and we all set out to find Blender. Somehow by luck, we spotted her about 1.5 miles from the house running frantically across the street. I remember flagging a car down to give me a ride so that I could get closer, before she got to the intersection of Lancaster and Silverton. An intersection where no dog was a match for the cars that sped by.

I got ahead of her and walked back to the field. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she looked up at me, ears poised and happy to see me but still to afraid to come up to me. I got her home safe and sound.

Another greyhound was loose for 11 days. Her last sighting was in a field miles from where she escaped. Every night without fail Karen and I went out to the field to take her fresh food and water.

The third greyhound was never found, but there were drops of blood on the doorstep. We will always wonder what happened to him.

And that brings us to Jeffrey. Our first search for a dog with the help of social media. The help we got searching was amazing. Salem has a Facebook page for Lost and Found Pets of Salem. They are amazing. People posted sightings of Jeffrey from the time he got loose at about 1:30 pm. At least that gave us places to start.

Red dots indicate Jeffrey’s sightings   

In a short time, that boy traveled an incredible distance. He got loose at the lower left corner dot. From there he headed east to Lowe’s. They thought they had him cornered and he escaped.

Karen and I started walking with Zip around the State Capitol and got a call that someone had just seen him at the Riverfront Park. Without the call,  we may have stayed around the Capitol. We spent a long time at the Riverfront, finding an opening into the construction site and nothing. We decided to head home and wait for another sighting. We hadn’t been home five minutes when a call came in for the hospital. Karen stayed home to take care of our dogs and Zip and I hopped back into the car. Just as we reached the hospital, another call came in that he was sighted by the Union Gospel. At this point, I questioned the timeline and thought maybe he had just been heading north the entire time. I drove past Union Gospel and turned down a street that borders a park. Construction workers confirmed that they had just seen him and he ran across the pedestrian bridge into West Salem.

We called the foster parent and told him to head to other side to the park and Zip and I started walking across the bridge. When we hit the fork in the road, I thought like a dog and went straight, toward one of the busiest intersections in West Salem. We got to Wallace Rd. and had no idea where to look. We paused for awhile. Checked in with Karen and then, lying in the grass about 20 feet away was Jeffrey.

He had the same look as Blender, so glad to be found. I, on the other hand sat down where I stood and called borzoi rescue. Nancy called Paul, the man that had transported them to their foster home from Washington. When Jeffrey got up and started to walk toward the street Zip and I hustled out and around to keep him in the greenway and Paul arrived within seconds. He gently knelt and offered Jeffrey some chicken. I cried like a baby when he was able to attach the leash to his collar.

So many things went right with a situation that could have been catastrophic. The help of social media was invaluable. That borzoi traveled such great distances, including across the Willamette River, that without the help of Lost and Found Pets of Salem, we certainly would not have gone to bed knowing he was safe.

Many people had tried to approach Jeffrey and he bolted every time. By following his trail thanks to the people that let us know when they saw him, we were able to contain him until someone he trusted showed up. It was almost 11 pm when we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I am so grateful to every one that helped. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Our morning coffee view

Zip and Timber   

Sunday morning. Oh how I love my relaxed cup of coffee in the barn with Karen.

I’ve discovered that we get up way earlier than the birds. Pete, our hummingbird, is always up when we go out, but the rest of the birds are a lazy bunch. One by one we watch as they come out of their hidey holes to stretch their wings and grab a few nibbles of seed. Inevitably, once the birds show up, the boys get up off of their cushions in the barn and continually disturb the ground feeders. 

I often threaten Zip and Timber that if they don’t stop it, they don’t get to go to the barn for coffee. I fear they would be highly disappointed and I don’t want to do that to them.

The fenced area behind them is our 30 x 30′ garden area patiently waiting for spring. The wine barrels will be filled with flowers. On the outside we can have dog safe, on the inside we’ll have flowers that the hummingbirds go wild for. I hope. Up and down the fencing we’ll plant runner beans. The hummingbirds loved the runner bean flowers last summer.

Right now the ground is sopping wet. By the time we finished with coffee this morning those eight snowy white paws were blackened up to their hocks with mud.

Be careful what you wish for

Two borzoi
Two borzoi
Glory and Sage   

After all the freezing and snow last week came 50° and rain this week. Our yard is a smoothy mess of mud with a little bit of grass showing. 

The dogs love it. They can finally go out and just roam around enjoying the smells.

Sage and Glory are having the time of their lives. All of the muck and mud thrill them as they chase around, squishing it in between their toes and best of all, caking it onto all of their feathers.

Maybe the freezing cold temps weren’t so bad.

Women’s march, Salem, Oregon   

As a side note, Karen and I attended the Women’s march in Salem. They estimated 4,500 people were in attendance today. It was amazing to be a part of it and even more amazing as we watched the numbers roll in from other locations.

A better day

Two borzoi
Two borzoi
Zip and Timber.  

Today was much better for Zippy. Thank goodness. That boy had me pretty worried yesterday.

He ate his breakfast, not with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but he at. I told him he was going to have to spend another day at the vet clinic without me if he didn’t turn things around.

He was quite cute at the vet clinic. He was thrilled to get in the car to go somewhere, happy to trot into the clinic. Once the vet came in, he nearly climbed into my skin and there was no way he was going to go anywhere with the vet tech.

I walked him back to the X-ray room, gave him a kiss and told him I would be just outside the room, but instead he made a beeline for the other door to go out. Reluctantly, I left him. If things weren’t moving through his bowel, we had to know.

The vet took a look at his X-rays, said he was doing great and they pulled his catheter. He was ever so happy to see me.

Tonight he was my sous chef as I prepared the meals. It’s difficult around here these days because some want me to hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, extra mustard… Anyway, I fixed his meal to perfection with his coaxing and he ate it all. 

I was one very happy mommy.

Still under the weather


Our boy isn’t feeling too well right now. 

I took him to the emergency clinic on Sunday night around midnight. They did X-rays and blood work and didn’t come back with anything conclusive. I took him back to clinic on Monday for follow up X-rays and everything looked better.

He still didn’t want to eat this morning so it was back to the vet. This time he stayed there with IV fluids.

I’ll take him back in morning. Our poor little boy.

Tonight they belong in the barn

Two borzoi
Two borzoi
Out of the barn they came   

We’ve had freezing weather, snow, freezing rain and today a down pour. At least the temps hovered around 40°. The ground is still frozen and that translates to standing water. Lots of it. 

These two seem to be drawn to the deepest and muddiest puddles. Never fear however, they came right in the house, dried off and warmed up.

Is it any wonder that we have dust as high as the ceilings?