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I still can’t shake this evil week off. I may have to go into hiding pretty soon.

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I thought it was impossible

I didn’t think it could happen. Tuesday was worse than Monday. Do I start the week over or fast forward to the week-end and start a new week?

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Tuckered puppy

The Daily Dog Challenge today was “Portrait With A Story” Take a photo of your dog today that tells us something about him or her. Barney was perfect. This is so him. He’s not the old […]

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For me?

1. Provide a link to your post from last year’s Pet Blogger Challenge so we can refresh our memories. The Pet Blogger Challenge, 2011 2. What do you consider the most important goals you […]

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A new sheriff in town

I have to lead the post by saying I finally got everything migrated to my new computer. I can’t say that it was painful because Apple makes it as easy as possible. It was daunting […]

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Saying goodnight to 2011

There it is, 2012 looking right at me. What ever happened to 2011. Seems just like yesterday that Crystal and Minnie danced in the New Year. It was a pretty good year for us. Some […]

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Vacation – Day 1

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What? Another teenager!

I cannot believe that we have another 13 year old in the house. How does this happen? And the reality is, Barney celebrated his 13th birthday on Tuesday NOT Friday. Since I’m the one that […]

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Forever our Buddy

Thirteen years ago they sat in the lounge at race track. It was time to name the new litter of pups heading off to training camp. Winnie Whiskey, Ritchie Rum, Kooky Kahlua, and our very […]

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Oh woe is the assistant

This is the post where I humbly thank my assistant from the bottom of my heart. I have to, it’s bloody cold out there and we’ve got to get the calendar finished. Without Karen, well, […]

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