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Do not disturb

Some days you just gotta tell it like it is. No sugar coating.

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Bonus round

It’s always a bonus round when it feels like a Monday but it us really a Tuesday. Oh woe is me, the next three-day weekend isn’t until the end of May.

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Peace and quiet at last

I love Friday nights, they are so peaceful at our house. As we settle down to relax, the doggies gather around us and just enjoy the moment. Life is good.

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Have a Merry Merry

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14 candles

Happy 14th birthday Barney!

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Stormy weather

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Grumpy old men

Barney will be 14 in December and Murphy turned 14 in June. It’s true, they don’t seem to have the patience with the other dogs they once had.¬†Good news, (well sort of), Barney is completely […]

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And tonight, I give you Barnie the fat head

It’s gotta be a test. A test to see just how much I really missed the dogs while I was in Montana. You know, that week when I shared a queen-sized bed with nothing but […]

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We’re melting

Yes, I’m whining and we have air conditioning in the house. But it is hot. Low 90s today and upper 90s the rest of the week. What on earth is that weatherman thinking? We’re from […]

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