A visit from the grand dogs

Autzen and Maverick   

Holly brought the grand dogs down for a romp on the acre. Nothing tires a puppy out more than chasing a ball time after time after time. At the end of an hour or so, Autzen and Maverick had chased so many tennis balls that they were almost begging to go home to their big ol’ human bed and catch a quick happy nappy.

They had no problem lying down in the hay in front of the barn for a few minutes to pose for their monthly barn portrait. And yes, I know the wreathes are still hanging, but they are still so pretty.


Now Goldee on the other hand, loves to come to grammies because we have squirrels and birds and chickens next door. It’s a hunting dogs dream come true. For every run after the ball, she ran twice as far chasing after the real deal.

Those grand dogs, they crack me up.

My grand doggers

Odin, Jericho, Goldee and Autzen   

We decided this year to do the family photos at our place. We hauled the settee out to the back yard and let the doggies play for awhile. It had been raining like cats and dogs. Part the acre was swamp land, but that didn’t slow the grand doggers down. They played and chased and had a grand time.

The big sister


Autzen didn’t get to meet her new sister until after we got home. There is always a little mystery in introducing new dogs, but in true awesome Autzen fashion, she welcomed her sister with open paws and Goldee was thrilled to have a playmate.

On Sunday when Karen and I went up, we took the girls for a little walk. Holly and Goldee went one way, Joe, Autzen and I went the other way.

Autzen watched with sad curiosity as she walked them walk.

It was shortly after this that we reunited the girls.

Autzen will be the best big sister ever.

Meeting the “underwater dog” guy

Seth Casteel and Autzen

A few months ago I saw an announcement go up on Facebook. Seth Casteel, the infamous Underwater Dogs photographer was going to be in Portland as part of his US tour.

My heart skipped a beat as I thought about how cool it would be to get a few photos of our own dogs taking a dip.

Then, I looked around and realized that seriously, did any of our guys look like they would cooperate.

I have grand dogs however, and one of them just happens to be a lab that lives for water and tennis balls.

I couldn’t get Autzen signed up fast enough. Now we wait for the photos.

Seth is gracious and genuine and all things good. We had a wonderful time.

You can see a few more of Autzen’s photos here, Underwater dogs from above.

To the beach!

Emma and Autzen   

We met the grand dogs out at the beach today. It was so much fun. I want to live at the beach.

Best Thanksgiving ever

Emma, Holly, Joe and Autzen   

My youngest daughter Holly hosted Thanksgiving today. That kid rocks the kitchen. I still don’t know where she got it from. The overwhelming love for dogs I get, the cooking, not so much.

I adore her husband, he’s everything a mom could want.

We met before dinner so that I could do their second annual Thanksgiving photos. The weather was perfect today.

After the photos, Holly and Joe scrambled home so that they could finish the preparations for a fabulous meal. I used to not be so fond of holidays, but now they are becoming my favorite time of year.

Joe and Holly, thank you so much for today. It was perfect.

Ryan, Olivia, Odin, Megan, Sadie and Caleb   

My oldest daughter Megan and her family joined us just as Holly and Joe left. Could it possibly get any better for a momma?

Megan and Ryan will be getting married in January and just recently adopted Odin, the pittie at the center of attention.

Wow, what an awesome day.