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I am a pet photographer serving from Portland to Eugene Oregon and all of the surrounding areas.

Forever etched In my memory

I took this in a dark lot at the intersection of three busy streets. It was late, nearing 11 pm and only Zip accompanied me. I’ve stayed off of social media a lot more these […]

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Our morning coffee view

Sunday morning. Oh how I love my relaxed cup of coffee in the barn with Karen. I’ve discovered that we get up way earlier than the birds. Pete, our hummingbird, is always up when we […]

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Be careful what you wish for

After all the freezing and snow last week came 50° and rain this week. Our yard is a smoothy mess of mud with a little bit of grass showing.  The dogs love it. They can […]

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Friends forever

Late in the afternoon last Sunday it finally started to warm up enough that we really felt like being outside. It’s a weird state of mind when 40° feels warm. The snow started to have […]

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We know you are in there

After all of the cold weather and snow, when it finally hit 40° we thought for sure we were having a heat wave. Karen was in the barn re-loading the bird feeders and declined the […]

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And into surgery we went

It became pretty clear Monday night that the antibiotics weren’t going to do the trick. Tuesday morning I held Sara’s breakfast, apologized over and over and took her to the vet clinic. The mammary tumor […]

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Back to the vet tomorrow

She seemed to be doing so much better this morning. Karen watched it all day. Tonight, the area looks just plain ugly. Back to the vet in the morning.

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Oh Sara Bear

We had just gone out to take some photos of the greyhounds. Sara has always been my most difficult dog to photograph. She’s just not a fan. I had knelt down and noticed something was […]

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A better day

Today was much better for Zippy. Thank goodness. That boy had me pretty worried yesterday. He ate his breakfast, not with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but he at. I told him he was going […]

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Still under the weather

Our boy isn’t feeling too well right now.  I took him to the emergency clinic on Sunday night around midnight. They did X-rays and blood work and didn’t come back with anything conclusive. I took […]

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