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Terri and Karen
Terri and Karen

How do you think we met?

Karen had an acre and I had two beautiful black greyhounds that needed a home. Karen already had a weimaraner and a basset hound. She only wanted one greyhound. I was persuasive.

The acre became a playground for my greyhounds and me. While the greyhounds lazed around we shared many a cup of coffee discussing the finer things life—Macintosh computers, Birkenstocks and greyhounds. After a while the coffee talk became more thoughtful and meaningful and there were a whole lot more cups of coffee consumed until the greyhounds and I packed our muzzles and moved in.

By day, Karen is a nurse and I am a graphic designer. We live in the heart of the Willamette Valley—an hour from the coast, an hour from the mountains. It’s perfect for all of our greyt adventures.

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