One day on, one day off


Oh little girlfriend, what can we do for you?

One day she eats, the next day she doesn’t. One day we find the perfect pill-sneaker-inner, the next day she is wise to us and we are back to forcing her gigantic pill cocktail into her. We’ve added another one to settle her stomach thinking that her lack of appetite is from the all of the pills. We haven’t quite found the perfect balance for the lasix yet.

This one is really worrisome for us. One day on, one day off Flo.

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  1. With Lilac, I learned that the trick to sneaking pills past her was to never use the same thing two days in a row. She was always wise to it the next day. And I also separated pills from feeding time, because she started not eating because she felt bad from the medicine.

  2. I guess you’ve probably tried everything possible. Beryl was on ABs for a bit over a week recently. I had no trouble getting them down her wrapped up in a bit of shaved ham … until she bit in to a bit instead of swallowing them whole!! Cutting the pills a bit smaller and having some competition standing next to her (Asher) and also some fake, empty bits of ham helped us over the last few days. It can be a real exercise in frustration getting pills down a clever dog with little appetite. Good luck.

  3. Polly and I are sending hugs to (((Flo))). Can’t think of anything that hasn’t already been said about getting pills down, except my girl likes peanut butter.

    Maybe if you fed Flo half the food she normally has, she will be hungry the next day and eat at least another half. that way she won’t be going a whole day without food.

  4. I’m sure you’ve tried “greenies’ pill pockets”. we’ve been at least 95% successful in getting 4-6 breakfast pills and 4-6 dinner pills down for the last 3 yrs. the glucosamine supplement molly now takes is a soft chew, “phycox ha one”. (the chew remains me of brownies.) I cut it in thirds and use those pieces to hide pills as well. maybe try changing the time of day, what pills are given together, etc might help. have fun!

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