Bad hair month


It has not been a good month. I have cried a million tears, not only for my own dogs, but for other dogs I have come to know.

Last week, Mabel, a beautiful greyhound I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing last November lost to the battle to osteo last week. Her diagnosis came the day after we received Talley’s diagnosis. Osteosarcoma is evil. But it usually strikes with some warning so that you can prepare.

Not so much today. A cyber friend that I have grown quite fond of lost her greyhound Blueberry to that bastard osteo. No warning. She’s gone. I was surfing Facebook at work for a few minutes when her post appeared. I admit, I was in shock, I was sad, I sat there and cried at my desk as if she were my own.

Run with the wind sweet babies. No two dogs could have known greater love. Even though you are no longer here, you are loved and missed beyond words.

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  1. Aww, Timber, you even make bad hair look good! Thank you so much for your kind words about Blueberry. It was our first experience with Osteo. I always knew that if we had Greyhounds long enough that we would encounter it, but I still wasn’t prepared. The stress fracture on top of it meant we really didn’t get time to process it all or think about it. It’s still hard to believe.

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