They see us coming


I’m sure that Costco has us plugged into dog central. “Family suckers for new and different dog beds” is the comment on our profile.

So last week when we made our way into Costco, sure enough, there was a pile of new dog beds. We’ve seen beds like these, but they were always more whippet size. This time, they were bigger. Maybe even big enough for a greyhound. So of course we bought one. Just one. We’ve brought home beds before that the dogs immediately eliminated as a favorite. Our dogs are so funny.

We called these their bucket beds and sure enough, they loved it. All week they have taken turns laying in the new bucket. It had a removable cushion for extra padding on the bottom. We would walk into the room and the lucky dog that had the bed almost always removed the extra cushion.

Today we picked up two more. My desk sits out in the middle of everything and is L shaped. We put the two new beds under each part of my desk, the dogs are going nuts. They always lay at my feet as I work.


Skirvee is our tallest and biggest grey. Even he can curl up into a ball to fit.

Yes, our dogs crack us up.

5 Replies to “They see us coming”

  1. Awww! Our dogs have always loved the doughnut style beds, that they can curl up into and keep their backs warm. But Sid doesn’t trust them, because they’re too squishy and enclosed. He’s afraid he’ll unbalance trying to get in or out, or get stuck, or something, so he prefers an open, flat bed. He has his sheepskin though, which he loves.

  2. Oh, how we love new beds! It’s like a special greyhound Christmas! We just found a new one at Sam’s with the side bolsters. Maggie loves it. Truly and Walker prefer the flat beds.

    Danny and Skirvee are such handsome lads!

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