Going somewhere?


Sundays have a rhythm here and it is nearly the same rhythm every week. The dogs have learned the signals. Lazy cup of coffee and a scramble to get out the door to get the errands and shopping done.

As we were gathering our keys, Crystal looked through the posts of the baby gate with her big brown eyes promising to be as good as gold if she could go.

After Costco, we had hair cuts. She had to stay home. But the look of please, please, PLEASE take me continued.

Of course we caved, not thinking far enough ahead. She crawled into the front passenger seat and patiently waited until we returned from Costco with our basket full, including two more new dog beds and a freshly roasted chicken for lunch.

The light bulbs got brighter as we thought back to Danny and last week’s excursion. Hmmmm, Crystal in the car with the smell of fresh roasted chicken wafting past her nose as we were becoming more beautified at the salon. Not a happening thing. I was looking forward to the chicken.

So, as Crystal cuddled down in to her new dog bed, Karen and I dutifully sat in the car babysitting the chicken one at a time while the other went in for their hair cut.

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  1. Hi Karen and Terri!
    I met a greyhound recently while walking my dog Sophie, a labradoodle at the park. What a kind-natured and sweet disposition which slowly encompassed all of us. I thought that I would post some pictures on my blog just to show everyone how wonderful greyhounds are.
    Click for a view of a Sweet Greyhound

    Lisa, Rottrover mentioned your name and so here I am.

    Ron, one of Sophie’s Dads

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