Night walks


Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor gloom of night” This may be the slogan for the postal carriers, but Timber has taken it on as his own. He loves his daily walk and I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if he missed his walk. Peace would not be in our house.

Timber and Karen are getting bored with the neighborhood. Karen tries to vary his route, but he wants more. He craves new smells, he desires the affection and admiration of strangers, he needed new turf for his walk. So we loaded up the car and took him down to the Riverfront. He loved his walk tonight, I suspect now that he will demand something like this on a more regular basis.

Whatever makes da boy happy.

4 Replies to “Night walks”

  1. He sure is a handsome lad.

    I vary my walks round the village this time of year. Come the nicer weather I will be walkig up the farm track out into the countryside.

  2. Bunny is becoming the same way. We’ve taken a challenge to walk every day for the entire month of January, but the regular route might need some alterations to suit her highness. I don’t think there’s any setting where that boy wouldn’t look stunning! I’m voting for a trip East for you so that he can have a picture in the snow, looking like he’s in his homeland!

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