Woo hoo! Grandma’s house

Autzen and Emma

My daughter Holly and her husband stopped by the house for  a quick visit this afternoon bringing with them the grand dogs. It’s always a treat to watch these two play on the acre.

Emma is starting to show her age a bit. She’s not running around nearly as much as she used to, but she still had fun with the tennis balls.

Holly managed to get in a few tossed balls before Emma just couldn’t keep up anymore.

Emma owned her tennis balls and managed to make sure that the little sister Autzen never got anywhere near her prize.

When playtime was over, Autzen made her way over to the pool and became the canine sprinkler. She carefully washed all of the loose grass and dog slobber off of her tennis ball. And from the pool she merrily trotted out to the car to go home. OK, I admit it, wet dog in daddy’s car made me snicker a bit.

Emma could barely muster the energy to walk out to the car. She kept her tennis ball close at paw, but was so happy just to lie down in the grass.

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