Tuckered puppy

January 17, 2012 Barney 5 Comments


The Daily Dog Challenge today was “Portrait With A Story” Take a photo of your dog today that tells us something about him or her. Barney was perfect. This is so him. He’s not the old man of the pack, but close since he turned 13 in December and is completely toothless.

Nine times out of ten, this is how he sleeps. Tongue on the topside, paw over the nose.

5 Comments to “Tuckered puppy”

  1. genjiscorner
    That is so cute! I just want to kiss him on the head, but don't want to disturb his nap.
  2. What Remains Now
    Love the tongue! My Casper does this.
  3. Bassetmomma
    OMG! I laughed out loud at the tongue! What a sweetheart!
  4. houndstooth4
    Oh, I have a hopeless case of the giggles! That is just too darned funny! He is just adorable in his silliness, though!

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