For me?

January 10, 2012 Barney, Minnie, Skirvee 8 Comments

Minnie, Barney, Skirvee

1. Provide a link to your post from last year’s Pet Blogger Challenge so we
can refresh our memories.

The Pet Blogger Challenge, 2011

2. What do you consider the most important goals you set out in last year’s

I really didn’t have any goals last year, Itsa Greyt Day is still just a
personal blog. A place to show-off my gorgeous hounds and share their daily

3. Have you made progress toward those goals, or have your goals changed
over the past year?

My goals have changed. I still hope to share how wonderful retired greyhounds are as pets, but this year I’ve really grown to love pet photography. I am going to explore this avenue a little more.

4. Has your opinion of blogging on a schedule or as the spirit moves you
changed? Which are you doing now? Do you still worry about lost traffic,
momentum, etc?

I still blog nearly every day. Since the blog is really for us, I don’t worry about losing traffic. I do however really appreciate the people that stop by and leave a comment.

5. Are you generating income from your blog? Has this changed since last

I am not generating any income. I did put the calendar from the greyhound adoption group I volunteer for and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the group may have generated some sales from that. If you purchased one, thank you from all of the hounds.

6. Have your likes and dislikes about blogging changed since last year?

I still love my dog blog as much as the day I started. I looked back at some of my original posts this morning and they still make me laugh and make me cry.

7. Overall, are you pleased with the progress you made in 2011?

Yes, my photography continues to improve and I haven’t forgotten any of the dailystories.

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2012?

I don’t know, but it will be fun to look back.

8 Comments to “For me?”

  1. BZ Training
    And we love seeing your pictures! Especially the red head. Bunny may swoon for Flocko, but I'm a sucker for hair. :)
  2. houndstooth4
    I know I enjoy and envy your beautiful pictures every day! Bunny wants to know if you're going to share all the calendar shots at one time so we can have one last swoon over them all.
  3. What Remains Now
    Loved reading your Q&A. Cute picture...does Barney's tongue suggest a treat was involved?
  4. genjiscorner
    Wow, I could almost copy/paste all the same answers for the Pet Blogger challenge. I was just telling my wife that I think you take the best greyhound pics.
  5. Karen
    Yours is one of the best pet blogger challenges I have read so far- you have such a good attitude about your blog. I always enjoy reading it and it's really nice to see how much you enjoy it yourself. Also I am seriously in love with the picture you chose for this post. I am not a great photographer and my dog is almost never still and awake at the same time, so I am always extremely impressed with your photos (and your dogs are beautiful)
  6. Tootsie
    Your photos and your greyhounds are incredibly beautiful. Keep on wagging! Tootsie
  7. Bassetmomma
    Great Q & A! I do love all your greyt pictures! Sounds like 2011 was great, I hope 2012 holds the dame for you!

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