What? Another teenager!

December 15, 2011 Barney 4 Comments


I cannot believe that we have another 13 year old in the house. How does this happen?

And the reality is, Barney celebrated his 13th birthday on Tuesday NOT Friday. Since I’m the one that can’t seem to get out of my own way this week, I think I’m in deep, deep dog doo doo.

So sorry Barnman. We love you big guy… Happy 13th birthday and on to the 14th.

4 Comments to “What? Another teenager!”

  1. BZ Training
    Happy Birthday, Barney! That second shot is spectacular! And with as my dogs as you have, you can be forgiven a slipped day here or there - especially if you slip them an extra treat. :)
  2. genjiscorner
    Happy Bday! You don't look a day over 10. Extra treats always work at my house too.
  3. houndstooth4
    Happy Birthday, Barney! I hope you have a great year ahead of you. There must be a lot of good living going on at the Gardens! Those first two shots are just stunning. Barney, you look fantastic for thirteen!
  4. Caron
    Happy belated Birthday, Barney! How awesome it is that you are thirteen! You are such a handsome boy.

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